Our Team

Walking shoulder to shoulder with Giants

Philip Odino

Co-founder and Managing Partner

He is an alumnus of The Linnaeus Palme fellowship program and holds a MSc. in Design for Sustainable Development from Chalmers University, Sweden and is currently a Co - Founder and a Managing Partner at Winam Capital Investments.
He previously served as the Managing Director of INBOX Africa, which was a Business Advisory and Consultancy firm that worked towards spurring and nurturing entrepreneurs by providing them access to useful resources and linkages that could enhance their growth.

Inbox Africa later pivoted to become Winam Capital where apart from building capacity we will be investing Early Stage Seed Capital into SMEs Based in the Lake Basin Region across all sectors.

He also previously worked with Mistra Urban Futures/Kisumu Local Interaction Platform (KLIP) which is a participatory knowledge generation, exchange, dissemination and application arena bringing on board stakeholders from the public sector, academia, civil society and the practice from and around the environs of Kisumu city, Kenya.

At KLIP he was involved in the International Pilot Project funded by SIDA and Chalmers University in Sweden were he is an Alumni. His responsibilities revolved around conducting research on providing a comparative review of the governance and policy of urban sustainability, understanding how the knowledge and skills of different individuals, groups, communities and organizations are integrated with-in urban sustainability policies in Kisumu and its implication on practice.

Key Competencies

  • Deal Structuring
  • Leadership and management
  • Networking
  • Project Management and Planning
  • Negotiation
  • Business Modeling

Caroline Odera

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Carol is a Co-founder and a Managing Partner at Winam Capital. She is an alumnus of Mandela Washington Fellowship 2017 –Young African Leaders Initiative, at Rutgers State University of New Jersey, USA and a Professional Development Experience at the Women’s Campaign International Organization in Philadelphia.
Also an alumnus of Akili Dada and Spark Kenya change makers.
Moreover, She has been named as one of the 100 most positively inspiring youths in Africa-Positive Youths Africa ( PYA). She Holds MBA in Strategic Management (University of Nairobi), Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and Diploma in Business Management (Kenya Institute of Management).

Caroline founded Women In Sustainable Enterprises (WISE) Kenya- a social enterprise that works towards empowering women through alternative sustainable enterprises.
She believes in equal economic opportunities regardless of sex and gender and passionate about working with youth and women led start ups towards building their legacies.

Key Competencies

  • Business Mentorship
  • Talent aquisition
  • Leadership Training and Development
  • Strategic Planing
  • Partnership development

Philip Pande

Partner, Research and Advisory

Philip Pande a Partner at Winam Capital in charge of Research and Advisory. Cumulatively, he has five years work experience in Research Management, Developing Business Models for Social Entrepreneurship, Strategy Development, Start-ups Mentorship, Managing Governance and Public-Private Sector Relations.
Philip holds a BA in Economics and Sociology from Chuka University and is presently working on his thesis leading to a MSc. in Governance and Leadership at Jomo Kenya University of Agriculture and Technology.

Philip has spent the last 4+ years conceptualizing and spearheading initiatives to advance both public and private sector development in the region. His multi-sectorial experience encompasses healthcare, education, water and environment, agriculture and food security, and trade and investments among other sectors.

Previously, Philip has worked for Botho Emerging Markets and Sino-Africa Center of Excellence where he delivered a number of assignments, including the Inaugural Social Enterprise Survey in Kenya. At Botho, he worked closely with the CEO to further South-South Trade and Investment while leading a vast international team as the COS to the CEO.

Lastly, Philip has been actively advising the Kisumu County Environment and Water Sector Strategy and Partnership team resulting to various rapid responses placing Kisumu at the top in the said sector countrywide.

Key Competencies

  • Research Management
  • Developing Business Models for Social Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership Training and Development
  • Strategic Planing
  • Managing Governance and Public-Private Sector Relations