Kidprenuers Mentorship Program

This is a fun, experiential business mentorship program that exposes kids to the math, business and financial skills needed to start, own and operate their very own business – their very own business stand. Kids create a business plan, set a budget and financial goals, and calculate expenses, sales, profit, exhibit and sell. Children experience the feeling of earning real money, using 100% of their profit to spend, save and share based on their own goals.

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No. of Sessions per Year


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Target Audience

Children aged 7yrs-13yrs

What do kids learn by participating?

Business Skills
• Financial Literacy
• Goal Setting.
• Connect in-class concepts with real world applications
• Learn how to solve problems and spot opportunities
• Understand that making mistakes is an important part of learning
• Become responsible with money as they learn the value of money
• Develop confidence, leadership, teamwork and communication skills

Topics to be covered.

• Developing a business idea
• Writing a simple business plan
• Developing and executing marketing strategies
• Learning how to interact with customers

Mode of delivery

The children will taught the basics of entrepreneurship through the use of short videos, games and props for two days four hours each then they will be left to create the products or services they intend to show cast and sell during the fair

Program Cost

The program will cost USD 150 per child and this includes:
• Cost of training
• Food and Refreshments
• Training manual and materials
• Exhibition Space.