Business Analytics and Intelligence

Winam Capital’s research arm in partnership with local and international universities collates and disseminates theory and data developed from business research and actual business situations. The firm recognizes the intricate relationships between the many areas of business activity, and examines a wide variety of business decisions, processes and activities within the actual business setting. We are building businesses with data driven decisions.

This supports investor decisions with visual analytics that the user models to reflect reasoning.

This helps investors draw insights from historical data

Employs predictive modelling using statistical and machine learning techniques to inform angel investors.

Recommends decisions to investors using optimisation, simulation

As an Investor you will:

  • Gain insights into new markets
  • Assess demand and suitability of products and services For different market segments
  • To gauge market responsibility to your investment

Our Approach

By analyzing theoretical and empirical advances in buyer behavior, finance, organizational theory and behavior, marketing, risk and insurance and international businesses the firm develops robust investment reports with actionable business intelligence . The reports are published for executives, researchers and scholars alike, the firm also aids the application of empirical research to practical situations and theoretical findings to the reality of the business world regionally.

Winam Capital Investment App

The firm is currently working on a mobile app that will employ the use of data analysis software powered by cutting-edge open source infrastructure, that will enable angel investors query and interrogate market dynamics that will allow them to make informed investment decisions. Register below to be included on to the waiting.

It's significance in the Region

The availability of business intelligence and analytics for the region, will accelerate and improve decision-making, optimize internal business processes, increase operational efficiency, driving new revenues and gaining competitive advantage over business rivals. These BI systems will also help investors identify market trends and spot business opportunities that need to be addressed.