The Lake Region, Food Security and The Big 4 Agenda

A nation whose citizens are well fed is a nation with a productive labour force. A nation with a  productive labour force is a  nation that is prosperous. The Lake region happens to be one of the most crucial food baskets of this great nation. As such, the Food Security pillar under the Big 4 Agenda is one in which the region must be fully involved in.

The Summit 

Winam Capital is making this possible by organizing the Winam Investment and Innovation Summit. During this four day summit, the Big 4 Agenda and specifically Food Security and Nutrition will take centre stage.

The summit that runs from the 27th to the 30th of November at the University of Nairobi, Kisumu Campus will bring together industry leaders and experts in the food and nutrition sector. Solution oriented dialogues on the Lake region’s readiness to adopt and implement policies that will ensure food security will be discussed extensively.

Investing in the Food and Nutrition Sector

At this summit also, the food and nutrition sector will be scrutinized on how ready it is for investment. It is worth noting that the Lake region is one of the largest producers of maize, a staple food in Kenya and rice. These two products have also been given special focus when it comes to investing under the Big 4 Agenda.

The earmarking of irrigation as one of the tools that will facilitate food security in the country will be discussed at the summit. This is with a view of enabling local producers to get investor funding to set up irrigation systems that guarantee food production throughout the year.

For investors looking for startups in the food and nutrition sector, which they can invest in, this summit is the answer to your prayers. Come and interact with over 1000 delegates and 100+ angel investors and be part of the summit that avails more than $10 million seed capital to entrepreneurial ventures in the Lake region.

Reducing the Cost of Food

The question on how to reduce the cost of food while at the same time ensuring access to quality and nutritious food will be handled by experts on both ends of the divide. The summit will look at the dynamics of what influence the pricing of food commodities and to what extent is it an advantage or a disadvantage to the growth of the Lake region. If you are looking for insights on the same, this summit is tailored for you.

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