How The Big 4 Agenda Will Shape The Manufacturing Sector

Are you in the manufacturing industry in the Lake region? Are you familiar with the opportunities that the Big 4 Agenda present to you as a manufacturer or an investor? No? Yes? Read through to the end.

The Big 4 Agenda, is a strategic plan that was launched in 2017 by president Uhuru Kenyatta with a specific goal of driving Kenya towards its goal of becoming a middle-income nation by 2030. The Lake region plays a crucial role in the realization of these Big 4 Agenda, particularly in the manufacturing sector.

Revival Of The Fish Industry

The Presidency envisions the growth of the national GDP from the current 9.2% that was recorded at the end of the last financial year, to 20% GDP growth by 2022. Fish processing has been identified as one of those industries that can bring these gains to the nation as a whole.

The Lake region has or long stood out among all its peers as the leading producer of freshwater fish. To spur growth in this industry, the government looks to partner with investors in establishing a $20 million (Ksh.2 Billion) fish feed mill that will create 20,000 jobs. The government also intends to set up an aqua-culture Special Economic Zone in Lake Victoria.

Revamping The Textile Industry

The current revenue derived from the textile industry stands at Ksh 3.5 Billion per annum, the Big 4 Agenda forecasts this figure rising up to 2 Trillion by the year 2022. The government is putting in place structures that will enable the expansion of the cotton industry and create up to 600,000 jobs in the process. Cotton farming in the Lake region has never at any point in time been at the verge of such exponential growth.

It goes without saying that this will most certainly revive the once bustling fish and cotton industries and draw more investors into the region. As a manufacturer and as an investor are you on saddled on the winning horse or are you betting on one?

Getting Ready

If you have answered in the affirmative, the Winam Investment and Innovation Summit is where you need to be from the 27th to the 30th of November at the University of Nairobi, Kisumu Campus. The summit is a four-day event that will bring together the who and who in the manufacturing and investor space in the Lake region.

Notable speakers among them Equity Bank MD, Polycarp Igathe, Kisumu Governor, Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o, SME support Centre Limited CEO, Linda Onyango among a host of many other notable entrepreneurs, industry leaders and government officials will grace the occasion.

The climax of the summit will be the Winam Business Leaders Awards 2018 Gala at Acacia Premier where the best business leaders will be awarded for outstanding performance in their industries and enabling the realization of the Big 4 Agenda.

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