Aligning Your Business To The Big Four Agenda

The Big Four Agenda, are President Uhuru Kenyatta’s legacy projects that he has committed to have in place by the time he exits office in 2022. During the last Jamhuri Day celebrations, he made it very clear that, in the next five years, he will dedicate his energy, time and resources of his administration to ensure the four agenda are achieved. These agenda are; manufacturing, universal healthcare, affordable housing and food security. As noted by the Presidency on several occasions, the national government is seeking partnership with county governments and private sector to achieve the ‘Big Four’ Agenda, more so due to the resource-intensive nature of the investments needed to achieve the set priorities.

County governments can drive these agenda in their own areas whilst providing jobs to the youth and create a conducive environment for innovative ideas to garner more investments. They can also develop policies that create a conducive environment for investors to do business productively. Counties also need to leverage their natural resources to foster healthy competition among themselves as to who can attract and retain more investment, both local and global. Each county has something unique to offer, it all depends on their ability to position themselves as ‘open for business’. The most perceivable natural resource is land. Can counties begin to set aside land specifically for industrial use – for example – for special economic zones, industrial parks, or even incubation hubs?

Therefore Winam Capital will closely work with the county government of Kisumu and the private sector to drive the big four agenda by helping Kisumu County  leverage its resources so that it can attract  more investments. For this reason Winam Capital will be hosting a pivotal summit from 26th to 31st November 2018 with the theme “The Lake Victoria Region: The next frontier for Investment and Sustainable Economic Development ”. The summit will be bring together angel investors and entrepreneurs looking  to invest their money in the Lake Victoria Region. Lastly, the Big Four Agenda will form the basis of the October Edition of the monthly Business Friday’s Forum that will held on the 26th October 2018 at the University of Nairobi, Kisumu as from 6pm to 9pm.

Compiled by; Millicent Okeyo, Research Associate , Winam Capital.

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