Business Friday’s Artists Edition.

On 7th September 2018, The University of Nairobi, Kisumu in partnership with Winam Capital hosted the Business Friday Artists Edition. The theme of the forum was Turning Art into Business. The discussions during the forum elicited a myriad of issues that the artists need to factor as the plan to scale in their brand.

According to our chief guest speaker Hon Achie Alai the Kisumu County Executive Committee Member Tourism, Sports and Culture, she under pinned the fact that most artists are not investor ready thus they miss out on opportunities. She also stated that the government has created environment for the artist to succeed and all they have to do is to plug in. During the forum it emerged that the artists haven’t professionalized, and don’t have companies they can use to trade. She continued by saying that they have a program in the county level where they are trying to address the issues of managing talent in the creative industry so that Kisumu remains one of the hotbeds of talent in the region. Apart from that, she encouraged artists to come out to be managers, promoters and marketers because in Kisumu there is only one manager and this makes artists industry not to grow. And lastly this industry will only take off if outside influence is encouraged.

Mr. Mwaniki the founder of Riverwood Awards identified some critical areas in art and creative industry. He said that innovative business models that can be adopted in Kisumu is film industry include using Smartphones that can allow one to disperse content all over the world for free. In conclusion, the artists were urged to adopt the following strategies: to handle your talent a solution or as a platform, engage and identify strategic, marketing and financial partners. Winam Capital is currently working in collaboration with  county government and specialists in this field to give creative’s a practical approach and investing in their talents and also making them aware of the Entrepreneurship skills that will turn their talents into income generation. Lastly working with government in creating a platform for art and creative industry then finally communities will come to engage in.


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