Lake Basin Innovation and Investment Week 2019

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Who we are

Winam Capital is a leading entrepreneurship ecosystem enabler based in Kisumu, Kenya working towards growing successful enterprises in the Lake Victoria Region; through business acceleration, strategic advice and access to investment capital.

Our mission is to work with investors, exceptional entrepreneurs and strategic partners in the Lake Region to design and execute innovative business models that can profitably serve East Africa’s aspiring mass market.

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Our Regional focus

Management Team

The team at Winam Capital is governed by the desire to: Innovate, develop human-centered ventures and to promote integrity in business.


Corporate Partners


Advisory Board

The Advisory board is made up of exemplary individuals who are captains of industry in their respective fields.

Cumulative years of business experience

Industries Represented



"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." – Helen Keller


SME Network


Primary services

60 %

Venture Capital

20 %

Business Advisory

20 %

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Winam Investment and Innovation week

The Winam Investment and Innovation Week 2019 (WIIW 2019) is a preeminent annual entrepreneurship gathering that will convene emerging entrepreneurs, investors and supporters from the Western Region. The theme of this forum will be, Embracing Innovation for Sustainable Economic Development in the Lake Victoria Region.

Winam Capital Investment App

The company is currently developing a smartphone mobile app, which will allow individuals to invest in innovative and fast growing companies based in the Lake Victoria Region. The app will also give potential investors and stakeholders real time business intelligence and analytics specifically for the region. Register below to be included on the waiting list.